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Rocky Mount company product selected to be sold by Walmart

McAirlaid's product X-Top to be sold online and in store

ROCKY MOUNT – A local business is finding success with the nation’s largest retailer. Soon shoppers will find a Rocky Mount company's products on the shelves of Walmart stores across the world.

The products made at McAirlaid’s in Rocky Mount are truly one of a kind. The company employs 140 people and manufactures a product called Airlaid.

Airlaid is a patented non-woven absorbent material that you may find in products you already use or in food packaging such as the piece of material found underneath fresh chicken or beef.

A product made with their patented technology was recently picked up by Walmart during an open call for American made products called X-Top. X-Top is a product which is specifically designed for men with incontinence.

Paul Maksimow, president of McAirlaid’s, said the new partnership is groundbreaking for the company and the consumer.

"I cannot describe it. We are all excited,” Maksimow said. “So what this means is that we are going to be on as soon as possible, and hopefully in their stores as well sometime late spring next year."

McAirlaid’s marketing and communication specialist Rena DeBerry explained McAirlaid’s was one of 450 companies invited to pitch their product in Bentonville, Arkansas.

"Oh my gosh, it is indescribable,” DeBerry said. “It was more than just a day at Wal-Mart, it was special. It felt like we were providing a solution to complement what they already have. Now, I feel like with the McAirlaid's/Walmart partnership we are going to be able to have a complete suite of solutions for men that have this very particular issue.”

Shortly after their pitch, they were handed Walmart’s blue ticket which is now a proudly cherished keepsake in Rocky Mount.

“This blue ticket is an opportunity to expand And as we developed our extra product for men so we knew that we had something special in our hand and this gives absolutely fantastic opportunity for all of us,” Maksimow said.

They've used their material to create a product for men who suffer from incontinence is designed specifically for the male anatomy at offers 360 degrees of protection.

“All of the other products out there were designed originally either for a female or an infant. Ours is one of the very few that was designed from the beginning for men,” said Robert Greer, McAirlaid’s sales manager.

The product is very thin, lightweight and undetectable by anyone other than the wearer.

Greer demonstrated the product by pouring 50 ml of liquid in it and on other competitor products. The liquid was absorbed and remained dry to the touch.

The Walmart partnership is a milestone for the company and for the consumer.

To view the product online or purchase it, click here.

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