Local hotel housekeeper reunites North Carolina couple with heirloom ring

North Carolina couple surprised housekeeper with ring of her own

LYNCHBURG, Va. – France Hubbard has been a housekeeper at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Lynchburg, for one year.

Her duty in the laundry room is to sort used sheets and towels.

In the pile of white sheets was the distinct bling of a ring. “When I picked it up, it was sparkling,” Hubbard said.

That ring belonged to Steve Garrett’s mother. His wife Shirley now wears it.

"She said, 'Well maybe it's in my purse or suitcase or something.' We got home and she checked and didn't see it,” Steve Garrett said.

According to the Comfort Inn's policy, if a staff member finds a lost item and it goes unclaimed, it's theirs to keep after 30 days.

After 30 days, they called me and said well, 'This ring is officially yours because nobody has come forward for the ring.' So the company gave it to me. And when they gave it to me I said, 'I'm officially married now to Comfort Inn and Suites,’” Hubbard said.

Two months went by. The Garretts who live in North Carolina came back to Lynchburg and asked about the ring.

“She didn't hesitate. She handed it right over, which was just an amazing and inspiring thing to be a part of,” Steve Garrett said.

Last week, the couple surprised her with a special gift. "For me, there was just an immediate bond there was so much joy and happiness in her voice that really just moved my heart,” Shirley Garret said.

And at no cost, Hubbard’s ring is currently being resized to perfectly fit her finger.

"I admire her so much for how she handled the situation and I know that she's going to be a great example for so many people,” Shirley Garrett said.

"And I hope everybody else continues to do what I did. This world would be a whole lot different if we would, so we need to do the right thing,” Hubbard said.

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