National Men's Health Month

Carilion Clinic doctor shares tips on men's health

ROANOKE, Va. – The month of June has been designated nationally as men's health month.

It's meant to increase awareness of preventable health problems among men of all ages.

Doctors at Carilion Clinic said while not all men get regular checkups, it's important to take preventative care.

This means getting annual checkups and seeking care immediately when you notice symptoms.

Dr. John Epling, of Carilion Clinic, said by doing so, there is a greater chance of early diagnosis and successful treatment if health problems arise. 

“It’s also important to do primary prevention of activities like not smoking, attending to weight and getting regular exercise that can prevent most of the problems that go on in men's health,” Epling said.

While younger men tend to not go in for regular checkups as much as older men, Epling said it's important for every age.