Mill Mountain Zoo opens snow leopard exhibit

Zoo focusing on animals from Himalayans

ROANOKE, Va. – Mill Mountain Zoo opened up its new snow leopard exhibit Friday.

The exhibit was funded by a grant of more than $46,000 from the Roanoke Women's Foundation.

The renovation is part of the zoo's efforts to focus on animals from the Himalayans, including Pallas's cats and red pandas.

"You're able to actually come in and take it from that kind of technology and stance of 1970s and bring it up into this century and you know 40-50 years in the future. Basically what we've done is we took an old exhibit and now it's very much state of the art," said Mill Mountain Zoo's co-director, Bill Baker.

The grant also helped add a bald eagle exhibit to the zoo, which opened last month as part of the Virginia wild concept.

There are also plans to add black bears and river otters to the zoo.