Carnival worker sentenced for failing to register as sex offender

Nelson Gonzalez was using someone else's social security number


RAVEN, Va. – A Virginia man will have to spend time in prison after he started using a fake name to avoid having to register as a sex offender. 

Nelson Jose Gonzalez, 50, was most recently living in Raven, Virginia. While working with a traveling carnival, he has lived in nine states over the past three years and did not register as a sex offender in any of those states. 

Gonzalez previously served 15 years in a Michigan prison for criminal sexual misconduct.

Gonzalez was using the name Gerald Perez to avoid having to register, according to the Department of Justice. Gonzalez admitted to buying identification documents back in 2013, including a social security number of another person for $50. 

A judge sentenced him to 21 months after he pleaded guilty.

His arrest is a result of an investigation that began in January.