What's News Today: July 2, 2018

Here's a look at some of the stories we'll be following today.

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The Greater Roanoke Transit Company will hold a special stockholders meeting today.  Representatives from the city of Salem and the Town of Vinton will be appointed to the board.  

The City of Danville will hold its inaugural meeting today at noon.  James Buckner, Alonzo Jones, Gary Miller and Adam Tomer will be sworn in.  Council will also select a mayor and vice-mayor.  

Salem City Council will hold its organizational meeting for city council.  Newly elected members will take the oath of office.  

The father of a local journalist, who was killed in 2015, will hold a news conference today.  He will hold a news conference today to express his concerns about the upcoming Ted Nugent concert.  Parker says "as an NRA board member, Nugent has served as the gun group's chief dogwhistle officer, sending the message to extreme elements of the pro-gun movement that their racist, misogynistic, homophobic views are welcome within the organization."

Roanoke City Council will hold its organizational meeting this afternoon.  Joe Cobb will become vice-mayor after getting the highest vote total in May's election.  Djuna Osborne will join council.  Bill Bestpitch will keep his seat after being re-elected. Council will also look at committee assignments.

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