Paul Manafort asks for trial to be moved to Roanoke

Manafort believes he will not get a fair trial unless case is moved to Roanoke

ROANOKE, Va. – Former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is asking that his trial be moved from Northern Virginia to Roanoke, according to court documents.

A filing in federal court states that "the degree to which the public has followed (coverage of Manafort), has been most intense in and around Washington, D.C."

That is listed as one of the reason's Manafort's legal team is asking for the case to be shifted from the Alexandria Division of the Eastern District of Virginia to Roanoke.

Another reason Manafort's team pushes for the change is that "it is not a stretch to expect that voters who supported Secretary Clinton would be predisposed against Mr. Manafort or that voters who supported President Trump would be less inclined toward the Special Counsel."

Court documents describe Roanoke as "a venue where the media coverage is substantially less than in the D.C. metropolitan area."

The closing of the filing reads as follows:

Mr. Manafort submits that a fair trial will impossible without a change of venue to Roanoke, Virginia. Mr. Manafort also respectfully asks the Court to adopt the additional steps discussed above when summoning the venire and conducting voir dire.

WHEREFORE, Defendant Manafort respectfully requests that the Court transfer this case to Roanoke, Virginia for trial and asks the Court to adopt the procedures described above in its jury selection process.

Manafort is the first person indicted by the special council and the first person to face a trial arising from the special investigation.


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