2018 Deschutes Street Pub to benefit local nonprofits

Pouring an impact one pint at a time.

This weekend marks the third annual Deschutes Street Pub in downtown Roanoke.

Each year, the Deschutes Street Pub packs the park, providing extra cash for local non-profits.

This year, that includes Roanoke Outside Foundation, Roanoke Parks and Recreation, Bradley Free Clinic, and The Spot on Kirk.

The one-stop shop to try 50 on-tap beers, not only pours out  into cups, but into the community as well.

It’s all from a brewery that hasn't even broken ground on its Roanoke production facility yet.

“That's the thing, they've always been on this long timeline as to when they're actually going to build the brewery,” explained Pete Eshelman, director of Roanoke Outside Foundation. “I mean, they're really truly are out there making a difference in the community and they're really not here yet.”

The Deschutes Street Pub is Saturday, July 14 from 2 p.m. until 10 p.m. at Elmwood Park.

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