Danville Police Department makes lip sync video

Law enforcement lip syncing videos have become a recent social media sensation

DANVILLE, Va. – Another Southside law enforcement agency is taking on the lip sync challenge.

The Danville Police Department made a video.

City of Danville, Virginia Lip Sync Challenge!

The wait is over Danville, Virginia! The City of Danville Police Department lip-sync video has finally arrived. We hope you have as much fun viewing it as we did producing it!! DPD challenges the Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office and Martinsville VA Police Department!! Disclaimer: We do not own rights to any of these songs* **View in HD** #LipSyncChallenge

Posted by River City TV on Thursday, July 12, 2018

On Thursday, 10 News introduced you to two South Boston police officers whose video has gone viral.

For a couple of weeks, law enforcement agencies across the country have made videos showing members dancing and mouthing the words of popular songs.

Danville Police Chief Scott Booth said one of his officers and a city employee came up with the idea for the department's video.

"They got 20 or 30 officers together yesterday, to include myself, and we did it. I will not have a repeat performance. That's my one-and-done, so hopefully everybody likes it," Booth said, smiling.

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