Local organization help ex-offenders in Central Virginia find jobs

In a year, Region 2000 Workforce helps 47 ex-offenders find work


LYNCHBURG, Va. – Helping former offenders in Central Virginia get back into society: that's what local organization Region 2000 is doing.

In the last year, about 50 people enrolled in their adult program, which helps them find jobs. Nearly everyone left with some form of credential that is useful for high-demand careers.
Forty-seven of those people were former offenders. Career navigators said the numbers are a big deal, because finding jobs for former-offenders is a barrier they often face.

"Companies are looking for individuals all the time with those skills. So them obtaining those credentials that will help them be successful and be able to compete for higher-level, higher-paying jobs is huge for us in our region. And thankfully we have great businesses and partnerships and connections with those businesses and they're willing to give those individuals another chance,” Krystal Crutchfield, lead career navigator, said. 

Officials say once a week they have a career navigator in a library ready to assist people in need of work. Go to this website http://region2000works.org/orientation/.