After calls from concerned Cave Spring parents, nonprofit holds public meeting on mold illness

4-Wordbound to feature local mold illness expert at public event

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Mitzi Hartwell is still recovering from mold illness.

“It affects every single aspect of an individual's life,” Hartwell said.

Now she heads 4-Word Bound Incorporated which focuses on protecting the community from mold issues and Lyme disease.

When photos taken inside Cave Spring High School started flying all over on social media, so did the phone calls from concerned parents.

“We got a fair amount of calls from concerned parents and community members about you the mold situation,” Hartwell said.

Due to the concerns, 4-Wordbound is hosting a public meeting featuring Dr. Janine Talty, a local physician who treats patients with mold-related illnesses.

She said one of the biggest concerns about mold is that it's often invisible.

“You don't have to see mold going up a wall to be affected by it. The microtoxins circulate in the air,” Talty said.

Hartwell expressed mold concerns in light of recent inclement weather.

“With all the recent water damage, flooding and our environmental changes, this is an issue that the community faces,” Hartwell said.

Hartwell hopes the community will come together to address this issue.

To learn more about mold illness, you can join 4-Wordbound for the Roanoke Biotoxin Community event Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Colonial Avenue Baptist Church.