Roanoke's Voice raises $10,000 for Sabrina's Place


ROANOKE,Va. – Total Action for Progress is celebrating its success from its local music talent competition last month, Roanoke’s Voice.

TAP was able to raise more than $10,000 from all proceeds. The money will go to support domestic violence services and to support Sabrina’s Place, a safe exchange facility to prevent violence between family members.

The fundraising effort comes after TAP’s federal grant was not renewed, that in the past would fund its minimal operating cost of $146,000, but the organization remains hopeful.

“It has been under a month since the event occurred and we are still getting donations coming in and people are still wanting to give. I think that says a lot about the overall success about the event and causes people want to give towards,” said Stacey Sheppard, director of human services for Total Action for Progress.

Sheppard said they still have a long way to go, but are already planning for next year’s music competition. To donate or to learn about TAP’s services click this link.