Amphitheater, dog park could be part of Lynchburg by 2040

City leaders unveiled a draft of the Downtown 2040 plan


LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg unveiled its vision for the next 20 years of the Hill City on Monday.

In the Downtown 2040 draft plan, people can see what's already changed in downtown since 2000 and what's to come for the Hill City in the next 20 years. 

The 266-page document discusses many different topics, such as the possibility of adding an amphitheater to Riverfront Park.

That's just one of the future plans outlined in the document.

The city's parks and trails could look similar to some bigger cities like Chicago.

For dog lovers living downtown, there could be a dog park.

In one year, these ideas have been formed by the city's consultants, the 900-plus people who responded to their survey, and others who showed up to their pop-up events. 

"I love the idea of doing an outdoor music venue. I love music. And I don't know if there is an outdoor one around here," said Melissa Bryant, who lives in Lynchburg. 

"We think establishing that higher, bigger and greater vision --- anything can be accomplished. But you have to start with that vision and set the roadmap on how to get there and that's what the plan does," said Lynchburg city planner Tom Martin.

On Aug. 6, the city will hold a public meeting and presentation of the draft plan at 6 p.m. at the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance at 300 Lucado Place.

Click here to learn more about Downtown 2040 and more events planned before the summer's end.

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