Local volunteers return, reflect after Guatemala mission trip


ROANOKE,Va. – Liz and James Kasza just returned from their two-week mission trip to Guatemala. 

"For me to be so honored to give a community hope, I felt so humbled that I could go and take love," said Liz Kasza.

The mother and son duo saw firsthand the deadly and long-term effects of a massive volcano eruption.

"The first trip you are a visitor and thereafter you are just family. The supplies,clothing, and the nutritional stuff we took was just deeply appreciated," said Liz Kasza.

The group of eight spent their days caring for disabled children and delivering baby respirators for those affected by the volcanic ashes.

During their time they were able to distribute the nine army bags full of supplies. The bags included burn creams, eye drops and most importantly, love.

"My heart got bigger and it was an absolute gift that I can’t even believe it," said James Kasza.

The Kasza’s say each day was different and they went wherever they were called to go.
Despite the dangers they have a message for the community. 

"You know who it's important for? It's us, Roanoke, it could have happened to us, but it didn't. But it did happen to someone else and those are our brothers and sisters," said Liz Kasza.

The Kasza’s say they will be heading to where they are lead to next and will be returning to Guatemala next year.

"You got two hands one for yourself and one to help others. Everyone needs help and there is not one person in the world who doesn't need help and love," said James Kasza.