Daleville road improvement plans move forward

Botetourt County leaders approved proposals Tuesday

BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. – Proposals moved forward Tuesday for roadwork that would ease traffic in parts of southern Botetourt County.

The Board of Supervisors approved plans to ask the Virginia Department of Transportation to fund construction projects in four areas. If VDOT accepts the plans, the changes would happen sometime in the next seven years.

Two proposals call for creating more turn lanes and U-turn opportunities to improve intersections along Route 220 in Daleville. The areas include the intersection near the Ashley Plantation Country Club, in front of Lord Botetourt High School and between the Kroger and upcoming Sheetz locations.

In another proposal, a crosswalk would be added across Route 220 between the Daleville Town Center and Food Lion. Officials said it would give people working in the Town Center and living nearby better access to grocery options and other stores across the road.

In the final proposal, improvements to Glebe Road, which runs along the north side of the Daleville Town Center, would straighten curves, improve visibility and provide walking access from the retirement center to the Town Center.

Officials have received feedback from the community and said with all the growth in the area they need to plan ahead.

"All of these projects are working in some way to address some of those development pressures and some of those problems that currently exist and some that we are foreseeing to exist once those jobs and people come,” said Cody Sexton, assistant to the county administrator. 

County leaders should find out next spring if VDOT will accept the construction plans. Work would begin in the next seven years.