Jordan's Point Dam may have some potential new buyers


LEXINGTON, Va.- – Jordan's Point Dam may have some potential new buyers to bring it back to life. The historic site is in Rockbridge County but is owned by the city of Lexington.
City leaders decided to give up the dam in 2017 and remove the site. But during a Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors meeting this week, county leaders expressed interest in taking ownership of the dam along with American Dams, a group out of Bedford.

The mayor of Lexington says it will cost about $3 million to improve the dam.

"Too much for the city in the taxpayers in Lexington. We have much higher priority objectives," said Frank Friedman, Lexington's mayor. 

"Is a historic site. It's all really anybody has known here that has it. And a lot of people use it for recreational purposes and the Board of Supervisors is interested in keeping it there, if at all possible," said Spencer Suter, county administrator. 

The city and board supervisors will hold a special meeting Saturday at 5 p.m. at Waddell Elementary to vote on the next step in the process.