Blue Ridge Regional Airport runway to receive multimillion dollar makeover

Airport has just been awarded more than $5.1 million in federal funds

HENRY COUNTY, Va. – The Blue Ridge Regional Airport in Henry County is getting an upgrade.

The runway is going to be rebuilt.

Virginia U.S. Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine have just announced that the airport has received more than $5.1 million in federal funding for the work.

Three other airports received funding, including William Tuck Airport in Halifax County, which received more than $1.7 million, but the Blue Ridge Regional Airport received the most funding.

Airport Manager Jason Davis said runways need to be rebuilt about every 20 years and the airport's runway is about 19 and a half years old.

"Basically, (we're) taking off all the old asphalt, putting back new (asphalt); new markings, brand new paint. So it'll look beautiful when it's done," Davis said.

Kaine pointed out that the announcement regarding the funding for the airports is the second airport-related announcement in the state recently.

On July 10, the senators announced that Roanoke Regional Airport has been awarded a grant to help add more nonstop flights.

"I think the reason these (four airports that received funding for runway work) were chosen is that they made good cases for themselves and the way these monies would be used," Kaine said. 

"The significant funding for Martinsville-Henry (County's airport), I think will be very positive. That is a general aviation airport that receives a lot of traffic, especially, for example, around race weekends (at Martinsville Speedway) and other key events.  It is a very well-used airport."

Work to rebuild Blue Ridge Regional Airport's runway is expected to start in June of 2019 and be complete in July or August.