Lynchburg closes parts of Creekside Trail for erosion issues

City officials started project to clear the logjams in creek


LYNCHBURG, Va. – The next time you walk the Creekside Trail in Lynchburg, you may notice danger warning signs. 
City officials have closed three sites along the Creekside Trail to deal with erosion issues.

This week, city officials said they have started a project to clear the logjams in the creek removing the litter and reducing the threat of erosion. The Parks and Recreation Department is also reviewing both short- and long-term strategies to address each site. 

The cost to fix this particular project was about $24,000. The city says trails are open, they say and that advance hikers can use the trails, but advises people to take their physical condition into consideration when attempting to cross a damaged trail for the first time.

"Try a short section with friends and do a little trail manicuring on your way," said Andrew Reeder, parks services manager. "Each day, the trail will get better and you will gain confidence. Both you and the trail will come out winners."