Cave Spring High School gives inside tour after major cleanup

Concerned parent shares reaction to improvements

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Roanoke County Public Schools has been hard at work getting Cave Spring High School ready for the new year.

“We've taken care of the issues that were found. I've been out here almost every day and following the progress,” member Mike Wray of the Roanoke County School Board said.

10 News got an inside look into the high school after crews conducted a major cleanup.

“There were some issues with the roof leaking and some panels that were stained,” Wray said.

 In some parts of the building, carpet was torn out and the hard flooring underneath was painted over.

Some of the rooms used to have water leakage near the ceiling.

“Right now there are no leaks and everything's ready to go,” Wray said.

Parent Mitzi Hartwell was pleased with the improvements but still has questions.

“The concerns of the parents is that we just want to see the remediation report and see what areas were addressed,” Hartwell said.

Wray said the mold remediation report is available upon request.

With the first day of school less than two weeks out, Wray believes the facility is cleaned up and ready to go.

Administrators are looking forward to students returning as well as their renovation getting underway.