Dollywood announces $37 million expansion, Wildwood Grove, coming in 2019

The announcement comes after a commitment to spend $300 million in 10 years

PIGEON FORGE, Tn. – For all of the Dollywood fans out there, there are some exciting changes on the horizon. 

On Friday, Dollywood announced its largest expansion yet - the addition of Wildwood Grove. 

The $37 million expansion is part of Dollywood's plan to invest $300 million into the park in 10 years. 

The new land will be a nature-themed land centered around the massive Wildwood Tree, which will be covered in brightly colored leaves and butterflies  

Below are some of the new features and rides that will be offered at Wildwood Grove:

The Mad Mockingbird: Park-goers can ride on the back of a mockingbird as they fly in circles through the air. 

Dragonflier : This coaster "mimics the flight of a Smoky Mountain dragonfly" as it speeds through the park in unexpected ways. 

Sycamore Swing: Made from the leaves and vines of the Wildwood Tree, this ride swings riders back and forth. 

Frogs & Fireflies:  Guests can take the role of the frog or the firefly, chasing each other in circles around a lilypad.

Blackbear Trail: This attraction lets guests climb onto the back of mechanical bears for a "trek through the backwoods." 

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