Lynchburg floodwaters cause damage to homes, cars

Waterline reached above the first-floor windows

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The heavy rains are causing more than just concerns about the College Lake Dam as other parts of the area are dealing with washed out roads, downed trees and even flooded homes. 

In Lynchburg, several apartment complexes were severely impacted as floodwaters breached doors and windows. 

The waterline reached above the first-level windows and up to the ceiling inside some apartments at the Sandusky Square apartment complex. 

Ryan Garland, a resident of the complex, said that the floodwaters reached over the hood of his car and damaged the interior. 

At one point, Garland looked out of his apartment and his car was completely underwater. 

Once the floodwaters subsided, there was still water in the footwells of the car and mud caked onto the seats and dashboard. 

"We thought it was just going to be fine but it got worse. The water blew open the door inside. People were crying, devastated. It was heartbreaking," said Garland. 

Garland has insurance, which will take care of his damaged car, and none of the items in his second-floor apartment in Sandusky Square were damaged. 

Swift-water rescues happened last night after a waterway across from the complex caused waters to rise quickly. 

There have been no reported injuries in the area. 

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