Rain leaves Lynchburg homes, businesses flooded

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Last week's heavy rain left many homes and businesses flooded in the Hill City.

Even though the high water is gone, people are facing another serious problem that threatens their health.

In Lynchburg, cleaning professionals are busy fighting toxic mold left behind by the storm in both residences and commercial businesses.

Kiizhan Moldakhanoy is a team leader for ServPro, an emergency cleaning and restoration company. He and 12 staff members are cleaning lower-level units at the 37 West Apartments and commercial buildings in Lynchburg impacted by Thursday's torrential rainstorm. 

"We're cutting the drywall to expose the studs and that's a main concern and then we remove the insulation," said Moldakhanoy. 

According to Moldakhanoy, it takes about  72 hours before mold can form.

Given the high temperatures we're expected to get this week, the cleaning crew is working hard to stay ahead of the threat. 

"We have the A.C. units running to keep the rooms cool and at the same time we have the humidifier running," said Moldakhanoy. 

The Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity is dealing with problems of its own: a sinkhole in their storage parking lot. 

"The asphalt is very spongy. So we know that's not safe. So we're staying away from that and keeping our volunteers away from that," said Donna Vincent, executive director of Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity. 

An underground pipe backed up, sending water into parts of their building and flooding their lot. 

Staff members with Habitat for Humanity said they now have to sell what they have left to prep for what is one of their busiest months in the year.  

"(Habitat) is already so inexpensive. The store has such great pricing, but it will be 50 percent off tomorrow, with a buyer being aware that they need to wipe it down," said Vincent.