16 cows helped police catch wanted woman

They chased her around the pasture and eventually cornered her

FLORIDA – People have been herding cattle for centuries -- but have you ever heard of cows herding a person? 

It happened Monday in Florida, and the person these cows corralled was wanted by police. 

The bovine assist started after a stolen SUV crashed near a pasture during a chase. 

Jennifer Kaufman was one of three people in that vehicle, and she decided to flee on foot. 

Video from a police helicopter shows a herd of around 16 cattle chasing Kaufman around the pasture. 

They eventually cornered her at a fence where officers arrested her. 

Police found cocaine and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle Kaufman was riding in. 

It's not known if any of the cows will be spared their fate for the act of heroism.