Roanoke native on the ballot for Swedish Parliament

Robert Barnes is a Patrick Henry graduate

ROANOKE, Va. – A man who grew up in the Star City is running for office across the pond.

Robert Barnes is on the ballot for Swedish Parliament.

The Patrick Henry graduate fell in love with a Swedish woman and ended up moving there in 1997.

He said he's always been active and interested in politics.

“Never dreamed that I would wind up being on the ballot for the first time in Sweden and doing an election in Swedish,” Barnes said.

The political system works differently in Sweden, so Barnes is up for positions in three elections: local, regional and national, which is Parliament.

He said Parliament is a long shot, but he stands a good chance in the other races.

His dad, who still lives in Roanoke, said he always pictured his son in politics, but maybe not in another country.

"I’d be proud of him. Why not? I mean if somebody can come from a little town in America and be in Parliament in Sweden, that's pretty good,” Eddie Barnes said.

Sweden's election is Sept. 9.