Tree trimming underway in Martinsville in effort to help reduce power outages

Trees on about a dozen streets will be trimmed

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – Skyline Tree Service is trimming trees on streets in Martinsville that are known for knocking out power lines during storms.

"We're just trying to cut everything back, take down trees that are leaning over," Skyline Tree Service owner Tim Moran said.

First up is Indian Trail.

"If we cut them back, the trees won't fall. It lightens up the weight of the tree," Moran said.

He and his crew will be on Indian Trail for about two weeks.

"It's easier for everybody. We won't get called out at 3 o' clock in the morning and the residents don't lose their power," Moran said.

Daniel Morrison is the city's electrical operations superintendent.

He said tree trimming happens annually, but this time it's going to be more aggressive than usual.

"We've had some recent outages caused by trees falling and limbs falling and we're just trying to do more aggressive line clearing to hopefully alleviate the problem," Morrison explained.

Neighbors who live near Indian Trail didn't want to go on camera, but one man told 10 News his neighbor has had three electronic devices fried from power surges caused by trees or tree limbs falling on power lines.

Morrison and Moran both encourage homeowners to trim their trees and keep them thinned out.

That way, the trees and branches won't sway as much during a storm and are less likely to fall.

"We only have so much right-of-way, so anything the homeowners can do to help us is appreciated," Morrison said.

If a tree or tree limb does fall and knock down a power line, Moran also reminds people to think before they try to cut up the branch or the tree.

Even if a power line is down, it may still be live and therefore you should stay away from the tree or the branch if it's near a downed power line.

Watt Street, Depot Street and Lester Street are a few of the other streets that will see tree trimming.

Work is expected to last until late spring.

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