Deaf Dogs Rock looks to expand its services, in need of new vehicle

SALEM,Va. – Christina Lee is the founder and president of Deaf Dogs Rock, and has saved hundreds of hearing and vision impaired dogs from being put down.

“Before we launched seven years ago, deaf dogs were immediately put to sleep and many shelters immediately thought no one is going to want a deaf dog. The breeders would just cull all their puppies as soon as they were born,” said Lee. 

Lee said shelters all over the country call for her services to help the dogs find forever homes. 
And deaf friends like her own dogs, are the reason she makes trips all over the East Coast to save them. 

In order to continue her work, Deaf Dogs Rock is in need of a larger vehicle.
It would not only serve for rescue trips, but educational purposes to teach the community more on how to care for these disabled friends.

"Instead of staying within that two-hour limit, because we are worried about breaking down, we can do a multi-state rescue and help a lot of our rescue partners and help with their rescues, too," Lee said. 

Currently, the rescue advocacy group has raised close to $5,000 of their $25,000 goal to help save the lives of more dogs. 

"Sometimes these rescues are emergency situations where the dog is on the kill list for the next day at a shelter or they are on the euthanasia list. And for me to be able to get in a car and go to another state and pick up that dog and bring it back that's huge, that’s going to save a life," Lee said.

Lee said she may just save one dog's life at a time, but eventually the numbers start adding up.

For more information and how to donate head over to this link.