Colonial Avenue roundabouts are confusing for some drivers

ROANOKE – Drivers have to adjust to the two roundabouts that were implemented at two intersections along Colonial Avenue last week.

People are still getting used to the new traffic pattern. The roundabouts are supposed to help ease the flow of traffic but some people are still trying to figure them out. 

Cones are helping to direct people around one of the roundabouts. One driver told us she's already seen some problems with the changes. 

"Hoping it gets better. Some people don't really know how to use the roundabout, which is pretty bad. But once, I think, it's complete, from then on, it will get better," said Blake West.

There are plans to add three of the traffic circles at Overland, Winding Way and McNeil roads. 
The project will also add sidewalks to both sides of the street and improve pedestrian crossings. 

The improvement project is expected to be complete by 2020.