Police crack down on intoxicated drivers with more checkpoints

Roanoke County Police increases patrols


ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. – Police departments around the region are stepping up enforcement on intoxicated drivers with more checkpoints.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, 248 people were killed on Virginia's roadways in alcohol-related traffic crashes in 2017.

During the Labor Day weekend specifically, Virginia recorded 55 alcohol-related traffic injuries.

Kevin Slough, commander of the Roanoke County Police Department, said they're taking an aggressive approach to reduce these numbers.

“We're trying to spread our patrols out across the county because we are 250 square miles. So we're trying to hit certain hot spots in certain areas,” Slough said.

Thanks to a grant from the DMV, more patrols will also be in the field during Labor Day weekend.

Lt. John Noel said the Virginia State Police is among the many agencies sharing in the partnership.

“We are going to have 75 percent of our uniform work force working on our heaviest travel days on labor day weekend. This is done to encourage the public to obey the laws we have already,” Noel said.

Slough said if you're going out to drink, make sure you have a plan in order to get home safely.