3 displaced after Roanoke house fire

Fire broke out on 11th Street Saturday morning

ROANOKE, Va. – Lori Niday lives on 11th Street not far from where a house caught on fire Saturday morning.

“My husband came running in to tell me that my neice's house was on fire. I came outside and we was watching it from my front porch,” Niday said.

As soon as she saw the flames, Niday’s first thought was whether her niece, who lived upstairs, was okay.

“I was shocked,” Niday said.

Fortunately, her niece wasn't inside at the time of the fire.

Rebecca Smith, fire investigator for Roanoke Fire Emergency Medical Services said one man was inside the house during the fire. 

“He said he was asleep and woke up and smelled smoke and went straight out of the house,” Smith.

While Smith said the fire started in the back porch, the cause is yet to be determined. 

Smith said the fire caused about $50,000 in losses.

Three people who live there are being helped by the American Red Cross.