Exclusive on 10: Mother doesn't blame Montgomery Co. Deputies for son's death

Parents of 18-year-old son fatally shot by deputies speak out


MONTGOMERY, Va. – Michelle Tincher said she was standing near the deputy who fired shots at her son, Taylor Tincher, on Saturday in their home on Walton Road.

“Watching them fire their guns is a vision I'll never get out of my head,” Michelle Tincher said.

While the devastated mother wouldn't share exactly what lead to the shooting, she said her son had been diagnosed with depression. 

Taylor said she called 911 because he needed medical attention.

“I was there to help my son, Taylor, because he called for me to come get him. I called 911 which is why the officers were there. Taylor happened to have a firearm,” Tincher said.

While Taylor's parents, along with his best friend, Kallebe Robbins, remain in shock, Michelle Tincher said she does not blame the deputies for what happened to her son.

“I don't hold them accountable. I don't hold them at fault. I find that they did as they were trained to do, that if a person is coming at you with a gun and they won't put it down, that it is their job to shoot them."

While Virginia State Police has not released the name of the person who was shot, family and friends of Taylor Tincher are remembering him fondly.

“We rode dirt bikes all the time. That was his favorite thing to do,” Robbins said.

“He was the boy who always had his friends' backs,” Michelle Tincher said.