Virginia Tech students almost finished building their solar home

Students will compete as only US team in Solar Decathlon Middle East

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Virginia Tech students have almost finished building their solar home, FutureHAUS Dubai for an upcoming competition in November.

Laurie Booth, the student team leader of the project said the smart solar home is more than 90 percent complete.

“We're so close. We have to finish a bunch of technical things, tuning and test of all our appliances and solar panels,” Booth said.

The house is loaded with responsive technology and designed to adapt to the needs of a growing population.

“The features of the house adapt to the people who live in it,” Christoph Opitz, a team member said.

On Friday, the house will be taken apart in preparations to compete as the only U.S. team in the Solar Decathlon Middle East, where the team will present the prototype for the world's best net-positive energy solar home.