Infant tested positive for cocaine one month before death, search warrant says

Salem police investigating after finding 1-month-old unresponsive

SALEM, Va. – Salem police confirm Friday they're investigating the death of a Salem infant.

Child Protective Services told police that the baby tested positive for cocaine about a month before police received the call, according to a search warrant.

The warrant shows police said they found the 1-month-old unresponsive last week. Emergency crews tried to treat the child, but the baby was not responding.

A city spokesman said no one is facing charges right now as police wait for results from the medical examiner.

Police are not saying when the child died.

They responded to a call last Thursday at the Salem Commons apartments, according to the search warrant. 10 News is not identifying the child’s mother because she’s not facing charges at this time.

The search warrant shows the mother told police that “she had placed the child in bed briefly while she went to the kitchen to prepare a bottle," and “when she returned the child was turning blue and was unresponsive.”

In the warrant, police said Child Protective Services told them the agency has worked with the mother previously.

The search warrant shows police seized drugs, three cellphones, media cards, mail, clothing, household items and waste samples from the apartment. It shows police said they wanted to search the apartment to see if there was more evidence related to “child abuse, drug usage or medical problems.”

The search warrant shows police were considering charging the mother with felony child neglect.

A Roanoke County spokeswoman said Child Protective Services cannot provide details of cases due to confidentiality reasons.