Danville police chief plans to restructure police department

Restructuring expected to start in January

DANVILLE, Va. – Right now, the Danville Police Department has 12 vacancies, including seven retirements last week.

That's why police chief Scott Booth plans to shuffle the department come January.

"Truth be told, there's a smarter way to do some things than we currently do in the Danville Police Department," Booth said. "I want to lean up our management system a little bit and I want to make sure that our supervisors are in rolls commensurate with their abilities and what the city of Danville needs."

The restructuring is one part of an effort to ultimately make the department more effective.

Another dimension is getting the department more involved with the community.

"Kind of my phase one coming in here as a new chief (earlier this year) was getting us up on where we needed to be with crime reduction and community engagement," Booth said.

Maj. Tim Jones has just been promoted to replace the major who recently retired.

He's looking forward to the restructuring 

"The best thing (to do) is just (what's) the best fit. The chief has some great initiatives. We're heading in the right direction," Jones said.

Lt. Mike Wallace said the restructuring could help with communication.

"Whether that's within your police department, whether that's department to department within the city, or department to the media -- to the public," Wallace said. "I think our communication has been really good with the public and through the media."

The plan for exactly how the department will be reorganized has not been set yet.