Three Notch'd Brewing Company latest new business to call downtown home

ROANOKE, Va. – Construction is nearly complete at Three Notch'd Brewing Company.

The opening date is set for four to six weeks from Wednesday. 

Many people remember this site as the old Cornerstone Bar and Grill.

Three Notch'd, with some others, represent a changing of the guard of downtown hospitality.

With every screw, cut of drywall and stroke of paint, the excitement grows.

"We all put on different hats to get this place open," said Jacob Reeves, the general manager of Three Notch'd Brewing Company.

As Three Notch'd Brewing Company is moving into its new home, Reeves has quickly discovered what a hundred-year-old building really means.

"It's a learning curve on the extreme where you're going to find some curve balls but the bones of this place, it was built to last," Reeves said.

Like the building, Three Notch'd is planning a legacy just as long lasting.

Roanoke food and drink is in a renaissance and these are the new faces.

"We have a ton of great people who really got things started for us that are still players in the local market which is fantastic, but to have additional investors see downtown Roanoke as a worthwhile area is fantastic for us," said Jaime Clark, a spokeswoman for Downtown Roanoke Inc. 

Downtown wouldn't be what it is today without the hard work of others.

Three Notch'd replaces Cornerstone, which closed last year, and like Metro, which recently became Cabo Fish Taco, risked it all in the early 2000s when people purposefully stayed away from downtown.

"I likened it to a snowball before; it's like we're picking up steam and things seem to be happening on a faster and faster pace so it's very exciting," Clark said.

Three Notch'd is happy to be one of the next torchbearers of good things to come.

"It helps a lot of people, it's an industry that helps a lot of other industries and it's probably one of the last few industries I think where the small guy has a chance," said Reeves.

Three Notch'd is looking forward to making their mark, but they can't do it alone. They're still hiring more people to join the team. Email laura@threenb.com for more info.

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