God's Pit Crew glad to be able to help hurricane victims if necessary

Organization preparing to help with disaster relief after Hurricane Florence

DANVILLE, Va. – A Southside nonprofit is preparing to help with recovery efforts from Hurricane Florence.

On Monday, volunteers at God's Pit Crew in Danville filled up the organization's trucks with gas, loaded a trailer with tools and assembled disaster relief kits.

CEO Randy Johnson says he never wishes for disasters to come, but he's glad God's Pit Crew can help.

"It is comforting to know that if it does, when it does, that we have been blessed by the people to have the equipment, the volunteers and the people to respond so that we can go in and help be one of the ones to make a difference in their lives," Johnson said.

What the organization needs most right now is bottled water.

"We have a pretty good supply of blessing buckets. We're going to be doing another big assembly on Wednesday. We have a pretty good supply of other products available, but we are very low on bottled water," Johnson said. "We want to be prepared even if it gets bad here. We have no idea, none of us do, exactly what's going to happen at this point."

Because volunteers are so busy preparing, anyone wanting to donate water is asked to bring it directly to God's Pit Crew's warehouse located at 2499 N. Main St. in Danville.

Monetary donations are also needed to help keep the organization's trucks' gas tanks full.

Donations can be made in person or online at www.godspitcrew.org.

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