Community prepares as Hurricane Florence approaches coastline

ROANOKE, Va. – Now is the time to stock up on supplies and prepare to ride out Hurricane Florence. 

Prepping for the storm is Act 1 as we wait for Florence to make landfall. 

"The storm has definitely generated a ton of traffic today. You know, it's a Monday. It's been more like a Saturday," said Nathan Overstreet, vice president of the Ace Hardware Store on Brambelton Street in Roanoke.

Northwest Ace cashiers got no breaks Monday. When not on the phone, they rang up batteries, gas cans and much more, nearly clearing the shelves.

"People are like, 'Oh man, I got to get ready,' and that's what we did. We've got six emergency truckloads on the way to restock," said Overstreet. 

The projected forecast has people stocking up. The water aisle at grocery store after grocery store was wiped clean on Monday evening, and propane was a hot seller.

"I thought, 'Well might as well be safe and ready just in case I have to cook on the grill for the next couple of days with this storm coming,'" said shopper Toni McLawhorn. 

For some, this act of preparing is cathartic -- people know each other here. 

"We're really concerned. We want to make sure our community has what we need to make it through whatever potential difficulties could be coming," said Overstreet. 

No knows for sure just what may be coming in Act 2, when we hunker down, but this staff, no matter what, wants their customers to be ready.

Typically, Ace sells a generator every now and then. The store sold 25 generators on Monday. There are 108 generators on the way and the store expects all of them to be all pre-sold before the truck even arrives.

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