Mountain Valley Pipeline halts construction in advance of Florence

MVP diverts resources in Virginia to maintenance, hurricane preparedness


ROANOKE, Va. – Construction on the Mountain Valley Pipeline is halted until the storm passes, the company announced Tuesday.

The company released this statement explaining its decision.

“Given the current path of the storm, forecasters are expecting an unprecedented amount of rainfall across Virginia later this week and through the weekend – therefore, we are taking all possible precautions in Virginia to ensure the safety of our crews and communities, as well as to protect and maintain erosion and sediment controls along MVP’s right-of-way. In consultation with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, we have halted the advancement of construction in Virginia until the storm passes and are focused on stabilization of the right-of-way, and maintenance and enhancement of erosion controls.

With the state of emergency now in effect across Virginia, we have diverted all resources in the Commonwealth for environmental maintenance and hurricane preparedness, including the securing of materials and equipment for potential wind impacts. 

In West Virginia, we are working to ensure that the right-of-way is stabilized, and erosion controls are maintained and enhanced in advance of the storm’s potential inland advancement. We will continue coordinating with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection to monitor the storm and take additional safety precautions as needed.” 

MVP is also proactively enforcing additional storm preparedness activities in Virginia, which include efforts such as: 

• Fuel tanks, pipe, and equipment are being moved from floodplain areas 
• Equipment and other portable items are being removed from nearby streams and waterbodies; and temporary construction bridges are being individually evaluated and will be secured or removed, as necessary 
• Pipe will be secured in open trenches 
• Trenches where pipe has been laid will be backfilled to inhibit ponding 
• Installation of enhanced erosion and sediment controls at road crossings 

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