Roanoke men shows kids they care in One Day, One Hundred Men Challenge

They want the kids to know they're all in this together

ROANOKE, Va. – A group of Roanoke men are joining together to help local students reach just a little bit higher.

The Black Father Family Organization hosts the One Day, One Hundred Men Challenge.

The men line up to cheer on students as they get ready for the day.

Tuesday morning they'll do it at Hurt Park Elementary School; they want the kids to know they're all in this together.

"There's always someone there that's pushing you forward and sometimes it just takes that little bit of extra encouragement to let them know hey, this is important, right your education is important, and here is a group of individuals, a group of men more specifically, to show you that this is important and we value what you are doing every day," said Ryan Bell, the chief dad officer for Black Father Family. 

Organizers hope to expand the program to other schools across the valley, and they're always looking for more men to help out.

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