Danville apartment complex preparing for Florence

Colonial Heights apartment complex already experienced severe flooding this year

DANVILLE, Va. – Colonial Heights apartments property manager Melissa Dix isn't taking any chances ahead of Hurricane Florence.

"I'm pretty concerned," Dix said.

Dix showed 10 News pictures on her computer  that show the flooding that crippled the complex from 4 inches of rain that fell in Danville May 18.

Florence could bring more than that to the city.

Dix wants to make sure residents aren't caught off guard.

"Knock on the doors and tell them how severe it could be, where they can go for shelter, where they can park their vehicles on higher ground," Dix said, explaining what she planned to talk to residents about.

Along with going door to door Wednesday, employees at the apartment complex spent much of the morning placing sandbags around the base of all of the buildings in the complex.

Danville School Board member Tyquan Graves volunteered to get the word out.

"We had a lot of scared people that were over here in this community and who were impacted by the flood; water running into their homes and different things like that. So we just want to make sure that the people and citizens that are living in this complex are prepared."

If no one answered when a door was knocked on, informational flyers provided by the Danville Fire Department were taped to the door.

Dix said arrangements were made Wednesday to provide the residents with a meal since many grocery store shelves were empty from people stocking up for the storm.

Hotel rooms had also been reserved in case residents have to evacuate.

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