Roanoke Airport, VDOT warn travelers to take extra precaution during Hurricane Florence

ROA Airport carriers allowing ticketed passengers to change travel dates

ROANOKE, Va. – After multiple cancellations from London to Roanoke, Freddy Paige feels lucky to make it home.

“I’m pretty tired,” Paige said upon arrival at the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport.

While other travelers are taking extra precaution, Paige's flight has already been affected

“During my way back to Roanoke, I was going to fly into D.C., but all the flights were canceled,” Paige said.

Robynn Jaymes, a local radio personality who was planning to travel to Florida on Friday, decided to visit the airport Wednesday to reschedule her flight.

“Knowing the airlines are working with you, we came to the airport to see what options we had with our flight. They told us American Airlines would allow us to leave earlier,” Jaymes said.

Due to the forecast track of the hurricane, all air carriers at Roanoke airport are allowing ticketed passengers to change their travel dates before or after the storm.

While air travelers should prepare for the impact of Hurricane Florence, Jason Bond, spokesperson of the Virginia Department of Transportation said, so should motorists.

“Motorists should avoid travel so that emergency service providers will be able to reach those in need as soon as possible,” Bond said.

Whether you're traveling by ground or in the air, Jaymes said planning ahead is the way to go.

“We are excited to be leaving on Thursday, ahead of the storm,” Jaymes said.