Carroll County braces for the potential impact of Hurricane Florence

The area could get half a foot of rain.

CARROLL COUNTY, Va. – The biggest impact from Florence in our region is expected to be in Carroll County. 

People who live in the area are bracing for over half a foot of rain. 

Residents in Carroll County have already had issues with flooding this year. 

Galax we saw a lot a flooding that really damaged local businesses this past weekend. That was a rude awakening for the area, so this week, they've been busy preparing for what could lie ahead.

Sandbags have been hard to find, so people in Hillsville are making their own.

This church has already packed dozens of sandbags to divert any floodwater that could come this weekend.

Flooding concerns have turned the town in full preparation mode.

"It's definitely something everyone is concerned about. Flooding is a big thing, whether you live in the city or if your preparing to take care of your livestock. It's a serious situation no matter what your way of life is," said Doug Goad with Southern States. 

Goad says this week, they've been busy selling prep items, including these feed sacks that people are using to make their own sandbags.

"We've had people come in and get them a hundred at a time," said Goad. 

This past weekends flooding in Galax was a preview of what could come.

"We had four inches last week and really had some massive flooding in Galax so ten inches would be pretty devastating," said Mayor Greg Crowder, Hillsville resident. 

Hillsville Mayor Crowder says police and town crews will be mobilized ahead of the storm. They've already put plans in place on how to handle the worst case scenario.

With more than 6 inches of rain heading their way, the congregation at Hillsville Pentecostal Holiness Church filled dozens of sandbags by hand to protect their sanctuary — which will also serve as an evacuation center.

"We started planning a week before most people did at the town because we had The storm about six years ago we are a lot of trees were down and stuff and it really paralyzed Hillsville. We want to be on top of it to make sure that we are able to get things done and get roads open faster," said Crowder. 

The mayor told 10 News that this week really has been about getting ahead of the storm and making sure plans are put into place for the worst case.

Other evacuation centers include the VFW, Galax Pentecostal, First United Methodist in Hillsville and 
Sky View Baptist in Fancy Gap.

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