Roanoke Fire-EMS staffing more swift water rescue boats during storm

ROANOKE, Va. – Several swift water rescue crews are on standby in case of flooding locally. 

Roanoke City Fire-EMS is staffing multiple swift water rescue boats at the Jamison Avenue station and the Orange Avenue station. 

Along with the boats, first responders are reminding residents to never drive around any barricades that may be placed on flooded roadways. Another reminder: turn around, don't drown. 

"Us being first responders, if you do get in trouble, we have to respond, so we're going to go get you. That's putting our lives at danger if you take unnecessary risks," said Josh Compton, a firefighter with Roanoke City. 

There are also several first responders from out of state who are now stationed across the region. This includes members of the Los Angeles Fire Department in Henry County as well as a task force from Mississippi at Claytor Lake.