Montgomery County creates Florence-related information webpage

County details emergency preparation kits


MONTGOMERY COUNTY – As Montgomery County leaders continue to monitor Florence, they have created a resource page on the county's website with information and tips for preparation at montva.com/florence. In addition to the resource page, county leaders will post information via Citizens Alert (sign up), Shentel and Comcast channel 190, Facebook and Twitter.

On the website, county officials have included tips for creating an emergency preparation kit.

Things to consider during your emergency preparations include:

  • Secure outside furniture and tools due to potential high winds.
  • Secure animals living outside, including pets and farm animals, to keep them safe from potential high winds and significant rainfall.
  • Prepare for potential sustained power outages – those lasting 12 to 24 hours.
    • Make plans for keeping necessary foods and medicines in need of refrigeration at safe temperatures.
    • Make sure you have flashlights with working batteries.
  • Gather necessary medical supplies you might need: extra oxygen, prescriptions, etc.

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