Flash flooding leads to safety checks at Henry County mobile home park

Sheriff's office, department of public safety checked park Monday


HENRY COUNTY, Va. – Early Monday morning, Henry County sheriff's deputies and members of the Henry County Department of Public Safety checked on residents at the Blackberry Mobile Home Park in Bassett.

Mobile home park resident Bobby Goad said Monday's flash flooding reminded him of the flooding there in May.

"(I was) really concerned, because it was rough. It was really bad back in May. That's the worst I've ever seen it and I've lived here for 34 years," Goad said.

Henry County Department of Public Safety director Matt Tatum and sheriff's deputies were quick to respond when the water started to rise.

"It was obviously a spot that we (had) already been watching all night (Sunday) because of what recently happened. But it was nowhere near to the level of what it was back in May.

He said the water receded almost as quickly as it rose and no one had to be evacuated from the park Monday.