River flooding hits Floyd County

Roads flooded Monday

FLOYD COUNTY, Va. – River flooding caused problems in Floyd County Monday.

Roads closed, power lines came down and one person had to be rescued.

The Floyd County Rescue Squad posted a picture to Facebook showing a car submerged. Crews said they helped a driver stuck on Stuart Road Monday morning.

The National Guard assisted. It had eight members and three vehicles standing by.

Nearby, the Little River spilled over onto many roads in the county.

Three to four feet of water poured over multiple stretches of Spangler Mill Road. Neighbors said it's an area that doesn't flood regularly.

One family living nearby said it's luckily not stranded.

“Oh yeah. There's still probably three or four feet of water right here, right at the end of the driveway, so there's no way a car is going to be able to pass,” Nathan Popp said.

The Floyd County Sheriff’s office said eight trees came down Monday and there were three downed power lines.

The river levels lowered as the day went on. Many people told 10 News they're glad the flooding wasn't worse.