VDOT continues to conduct repairs on flooded,damaged areas caused by Florence

ROANOKE,Va. – The effects of Florence continue to make its way through our region and the Virginia Department of Transportation is continuing to work through the night to repair and reopen flooded roads. 

Several highways across the region are covered by standing water.

According to VDOT, the affected areas includes Bedford, Franklin, Henry, Montgomery and Roanoke counties.

VDOT officials said that Floyd County is among one of the hardest-hit areas in our region. 

As of this afternoon,120 roads have been affected by some type of flooding.
Some of the affected areas will have to receive longer-term repairs, but only time will tell. 

“Today, we are still addressing those immediate concerns and putting up barricades and taking them down when the water,recedes as well as removing trees and debris from the roadways,” said Jason Bond, spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Transportation.

VDOT officials want to remind drivers to not drive around or through barricades that are in place and to "Turn around; don't drown." It takes as little as 6 inches of water to float a small vehicle.

There are also several roads that are blocked by falling trees, which have led to power outages.