Deer hunters can get $25 to spend

Legendary Whitetails kicked off its "Hunt on Us" campaign

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Deer hunters can get $25 dollars back after buying a hunting license.

The clothing company Legendary Whitetails kicked off its "Hunt on Us" campaign.  The two-month awareness initiative is designed to help curb individual hunting costs and promote hunting nationwide.

The company is offering to offset up to $1 million of deer hunting license costs across the United States.

You send them a copy of your license and they will give you $25 dollars to spend on Legendary Whitetails items.

"Like most passions, hunting is an investment," said Greg Huffman, President of Legendary Whitetails.  "Today's hunters are spending upwards of $2,000 every year on hunting. While license costs are only a small piece of that, license sales are a major component of the state's conservation budget.  With urban sprawl and an aging population eroding hunting participation, the "Hunt on Us" campaign is our way of eliminating one small barrier, supporting conservation and connecting with hunters in a more meaningful way. "Hunt on Us" enables hunters to reinvest a sunk cost into something they might need or want this season. Whether they're treating themselves to new gear or gifting something to a loved one for the holidays, our brand helps hunters take the woods with them, wherever they go."

To learn more, visit www.huntonus.com

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