Northstar Church in Blacksburg lending a helping hand to those in New Bern, North Carolina

The church is bringing supplies and donations to clean up after Florence

BLACKSBURG, Va.- – One of the hardest hit areas from Hurricane Florence is about to get some extra helping hands to get their lives back to normal. Northstar Church is Blacksburg will be spending the weekend in New Bern, North Carolina. 

"It's really not about us. We did these things not for ourselves but to help other people," said Abigail Hammack, Northstar Church member. 

Bethany Teague is a member of the church. Her family lives in New Bern but they evacuated a day before Florence struck. 
"It was still heartbreaking for me to see because I did know people who lost their homes and most of their possessions," said Teague. 

She and several other members packed up a room full of supplies, like water, food and other items, to take to New Bern. Bethany and her church members will work side by side with her father, who pastors Brice's Creek Bible Church, to help with debris cleanup.  

"It feels good that we are going to be able to bring that but it's heartbreaking how needed it really is. My dad has been on the ground talking to people who are hearing of entire family coming into distribution centers saying our kids our hungry," said Teague. 

Jordan Tyrrell is eager to give people as much hope as they can during this difficult time. 

"It was just something completely out of their control that changed their life and will forever effect them," said Tyrrell. 

And there are several members of Northstar with construction and medical expertise.

Barry Teague at Brice's Creek will be buying $2,000 worth of gift cards ($50 increment to Wal-Mart) for give away. He says many people are out of money and have no job now because so many places haven't reopened.