Virginia Civil Air Patrol deploys more than 120 members to North Carolina

Courtesy of Virginia Civil Air Patrol
Courtesy of Virginia Civil Air Patrol

RICHMOND, Va. – More than 120 Virginians in the Virginia Civil Air Patrol have deployed to North Carolina to help with Florence relief efforts. 

Members came from across the Commonwealth and from a variety of different ages -- including some 15-year-old cadets. 

Six trained teams left on Sunday, two left on Wednesday and eight more are en route as of Thursday, according to officials with the Civil Air Patrol. 

The Civil Air Patrol says teams are manning three distribution sites in Wilmington, and one in Deep Run.

Officials with the Civil Air Patrol say they gave out almost 5,000 cases of water in the first two days of their time in North Carolina. 

Civil Air Patrol is the all-volunteer U.S. Air Force auxiliary, and is the newest member of the Air Force’s
Total Force. 


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