Aggressive fox chases biker, bites person, enters garage; may have mange, Lynchburg police say

First incident happened Saturday

Image of a fox, not the one police say is attacking people in Lynchburg.
Image of a fox, not the one police say is attacking people in Lynchburg.

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg police are alerting people to the aggressive behavior of a possibly diseased fox.

Police said the fox may have mange, which is a skin disease caused by parasites and is occasionally transferable to humans. It typically causes itching, hair loss and the formation of scabs and lesions.

Police detailed three incidents where this fox was seen:

  • Saturday: Mid-morning - The fox was seen chasing a man on a bicycle in the Plaza parking lot near High Peak Sports Wear. The man was kicking at the fox, trying to keep it away. Police don't know if the fox bit the man as there were no police calls for service from the victim.
  • Sunday: Around 5 a.m. - The fox bit a person in the 2200 block of Yorktown Avenue. It had scratched the door, and when the person opened it and looked around, police said the fox bit the person’s leg. The victim received medical care for the bite. 
  • Sunday: Around 2 p.m. - Fox entered through the garage door of a business in the area of Lakeside Drive and Murrell Road. The fox approached the man inside the garage, but was pushed away by a shovel before it eventually ran away.

Animal control and the Lynchburg Police Department are making every attempt to locate and capture the fox.

Extra patrols in the area will begin until the animal is located or until similar incidents cease to occur after several days.

Anyone who sees a red fox that appears sick or is exhibiting abnormal behavior in those areas is asked to call 911 immediately.

Police advise people to not attempt to follow the fox or approach it.

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